The first step to improvement is a baseline measurement.  Most organizations either don’t know where they stand or are in denial.  We’ll evaluate everything with a 99 point inspection and then train your team using a defined set of progressive metrics.


We’ll coach you through the viability studies to help you decide whether or not to bring a new product to market or stop it dead in it’s tracks.  When the time for prototyping and testing arrives you’ll know your idea is worth investing in; and if you’re looking for investors – we can assist you with that process too.


Whether it’s career coaching, headhunting, or lessons on healthy living; one of our favorite aspects of work are the people involved.  Two other areas of developing people that we’ve experienced success in: sales and customer service. We help people feel and perform better.

Building BusinessesBUILDING BUSINESS

Whether it’s starting or a new business, growing an existing or selling your current business, it is our joy and privilege to guide and assist you through this challenging and exciting chapter of life.

Supplying the top brands to optimize valuable programs

Combat Fitness

One of today’s hottest workout trends is combat fitness – it allows facilities to offer something new and exciting to their membership and allows those members to learn something practical, fun and ultra effective.

Group Exercise

Increase your facility’s membership recruitment and retention with group exercise. Offering a variety of classes enables a facility to appeal to a wide range of member who, after taking a new class are more likely to not only visit more often, but also invite a friend

Boot Camps

Private group training, also known as a “boot camps”, has been an incredible improvement on the traditional personal training model. They can make the experience more inancially accessible, social & effective.


The best plates and dumbbells are the ones you never have to worry about. There is a lot of money spent on these products and we’ll help you make sure you’re making the most out of your investment.

What can Calari Fitness do for me and my organization?

We offer solutions, supplies and savings for the health and fitness industry.  Our unique business model empowers us to deliver better value on a variety of products and consulting services for: health clubs, personal training studios, hospital and corporate based wellness facilities, schools and athletic programs, physical therapy and rehab clinics, the YMCA and other community recreation centers, and home gyms.

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How much money can we save you today?
What creative strategy could you implement to increase revenue tomorrow?

With a variety of products from the best brands – our unique business model enables us to navigate the value trifecta better than anyone else – providing you the best type of QUALITY, for the lowest COST (not always price), with the highest level of CUSTOMER SERVICE.

effective consulting and coaching servicesEFFECTIVE CONSULTING & COACHING
Thanks to the valuable experience we obtained helping our many customers with products over the years, we’ve been able to leverage our expertise and offer you our increasingly popular and effective consulting and coaching services as well.