About Us

We offer solutions, supplies and savings for the health and fitness industry.  Our unique business model empowers us to deliver better value on a variety of products and consulting services for: health clubs, personal training studios, hospital, senior living and corporate based wellness facilities, country clubs, schools and athletic programs, physical therapy and rehab clinics, the YMCA and other community recreation centers, and home gyms.












By employing and contracting with the best people we are able to offer our customers and clients the best service and results.  Having the best people enables us to provide the most efficient and effective solutionsTRUE VALUE!

Our unique business model enables us to navigate the value trifecta better than anyone else – providing you the highest QUALITY for the lowest COST (not always price) and the best CUSTOMER SERVICE.

We are true fitness enthusiasts who integrate exercise and healthy living into every aspect of our lives – especially our work.  The same principles that drive us to a healthy and fit lifestyle also motivate and inform our desire and ability to serve our customers.

It’s why we started this company and why we’ve been so successful.  Integrity always comes before profitabilityNo exceptions.  Our work fulfills a higher calling; part of that calling is loving and serving others.  We are blessed to give 10% of all profits to the Joni & Friends International Disability Center.

We’re successful because we thoroughly enjoy what we do, serving you is a privilege and we’ll have fun doing it.

Thank you for the opportunity!